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Line of Flight, 2012, 4:15 min, single-channel video
While making bits that silence (fashioned from hog gut and bone), I have become increasingly interested in sound and began fashioning some of these into wearable whistles or birdcalls. In "Line of Flight" I participated in "sonating" along with birds in their territory.
Seeking Solitude on the U-Stream (or..."Gone Fishing"), 2013, 4 min, single-channel video
This piece was originally performed and streamed live via my smartphone to, for ZERO1 Biennial (2012). The light patterns created over the city backdrop (as I fly cast with an LED light instead of a fly), visually mimic remote image sensing technologies (ie...gps tracking, medical imaging etc.), while being created by a traditional practice that is usually taken up for an embodied experience of solitude and contemplation.
Creating Flow, 2013, 2:10 min, single-channel video
This video documents a public work executed in a local park near my house. Once a week I cast over an asphalt gutter using traditional fly-tying materials (deer hair and hen saddle feathers) as my brushes (that had been dipped in chalk paint).
Line As Line As Form,  2014, 1:45 min, single-channel video
In recent video work, my "naturalist's drawings" of flys, have expanded to include drawings made with the casting line as both mark-making tool and linear element. This work takes up the metaphor of the flowing river as fecundity as the spey casting line becomes both, line and form.