Domesticate, 2009, 4:22 min,, single-channel video of 20 minute performance

Collaboration with Pam Martin at Slaughterhouse Gallery and Winery, Healdsburg, CA

We put ourselves in restraints and a yoke and poured wine for the opening.                                               © Ford/Martin

Alpha Bravo Charlie, 2007, 3:31 min, single-channel video of collaboration with Pam Martin performed for Close Calls, Headlands Center for the Arts. We transformed an ordinary Toyota family van into an SUV (SURVEILLANCE UTILITY VEHICLE) in order to conduct observation missions from parked locations at night. The primary feature of the SUV was the CCTV monitor system embedded in the side view mirrors. These monitors transmitted through live-feed, the surveillance operations occurring inside of the vehicle.

                                             © Ford/Martin

Porta-Peephole, 2007, Three-Hour Performance at Queens Nails Annex, San Francisco, CA

We created a portable wall and conducted surveillance through the holes we drilled into it. We “peeped” at people inside the gallery, up and down Mission Street and at the Argus Lounge next door. We installed a CCTV surveillance system throughout the gallery and monitored the feed as well as drilling a hole through the wall of Queens Nails INTO the bar. We took video footage through the hole, with a snake video camera, which taped people playing pool in the bar. Footage of us “peeping on the bar was live-fed to a TV above the bar, revealing our spying to the bar patrons.

                                             © Ford/Martin

Shelter In Place, 2004, Two-hour Performance at New Langton Arts, San Francisco

We contracted with a professional Dominatrix (Mistress Morgana) to ‘mummify’ us, as the audience and three surveillance cameras watched on. Following the advice of the United States Government, we used Saran Wrap and Duct Tape to “Shelter In Place”.  The final step of the process consisted of holes being cut in the Saran Wrap to reveal our genital areas.  Crumpled up paper had been inserted to protect the skin from scissor injury.  Instead of newspaper, which is typically used, the protective pages were copies of the United States Constitution.

© Ford/Martin

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