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“Line of Flight”, 2012, 4:15 min, single-channel video with sound

While making restraint bits that silence (fashioned from hog gut and bone), I became increasingly interested in sound and began fashioning some of these into wearable whistles or birdcalls. In "Line of Flight" I participated in "sonating" along with birds in their territory.

“Line As Line As Form”,  2014, 1:45 min, single-channel video

The spey casting line becomes both, line and form.

Three Turns Miami, Untitled Art Fair, 2021, Curated by Tony Labat. My protagonist is a fisherman in waist-high green waders, casting a fly rod in the casting pools of Golden Gate Park. The lush green canopy of trees almost feels like an "exotic" Caribbean location. Formally, the line from the rod (two-dimensionally) becomes the drawing line, which in turn, forms shapes that reference architectural structures. He concentrates - and tries repeatedly to "manifest" a structure. Wading through water, in the contemporary world, automatically calls up news images of refugees attempting to cross dangerous bodies of water (fleeing countries like Haiti) to reach the United States. They are hoping against all hope, to make it alive and create a safe haven for their families.

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“Seeking Solitude on the U-Stream (or...Gone Fishing)”, 2013, 4 min, single-channel video

This piece was originally performed and streamed live via my smartphone to, for ZERO1 Biennial (2012). The light patterns created over the city backdrop (as I fly cast with an LED light instead of a fly), visually mimic remote image sensing technologies (ie...gps, Google Earth etc.), while being created by a traditional practice that is usually taken up for an embodied experience of solitude and contemplation.