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“Breathing Room”, 2004, 2:16 min, single-channel video with audio

Footage of the camera repeatedly flying over a cluster of moles, with helicopter audio

Projected onto the floor at SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA

“Archaeology of My Negative Space”, 2002, Installation with Polyurethane Cast Objects on Laminate

I made casts of the negative spaces of my body and installed them on blue laminate tabletops as an archipelago.

“Taxonomy: Kitchen Utensils”, 2000, Installation with Polymelt Casts and Pins

By squeezing polymelt through ordinary kitchen utensils (strainers, cheese cutters, wisks etc), I created a strangely sexual taxonomy of objects and displayed them pinned to the walls as if part of a Victorian medical lab of “female abnormalities”

“MARKED”, 2000, 00:40 min, single-channel video

Documentation  of a 20-minute performance during which I sat with a camera trained on my chest and neck, and live-feeding to a monitor. I slowly broke out in hives as a result of the nervousness of being watched.